Jan 29

Inside Europe 10 Years of Turmoil S01E01 WEB h264-TVC

For the first time on television, David Cameron’s top advisers – including George Osborne and William Hague – reveal the discussions that led to the decision for which Cameron will go down in history: to hold an in/out referendum.

The programme lifts the lid on the prime minister’s desperate attempts to get a new deal for Britain in Europe. Top leaders, including presidents Tusk, Juncker, Sarkozy and Hollande, reveal the details of their negotiations with Cameron.

Season 1, Episdoe 1 – “We Quit”
From beers in Prague to dinners at Chequers, the prime minister tries to convince his partners to give him something to show Britain can claw back power from Brussels – especially on immigration – but he keeps getting knocked back.


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